Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a project developed by Fribourg Development, the real estate division of Fribourg Capital. Our vision seeks to intensify connections and communication between companies that activate in similar domains, in a revolutionary space, in order to generate innovation and progress.

This technological ecosystem will also foster the most complex business accelerator in Romania: Spherik. Spherik will be the first romanian platform of its kind meant to help, to grow and to create thriving businesses, a platform designed for developing and implementing business both locally and internationally.

„Liberty Technology Park Cluj project emerged from the idea of interfering in the local landscape in the most profound way in order to change the essence of this place in a positive way, to become a natural extension of this city. From these same ideas were born the premises of this project that exceed the standard criterias of a real estate project, embedding all the features of a technological park. Moreover, the solutions used in the construction of the park are all innovative, consisting in only environmentally friendly technologies and energetically efficient solutions.”
Ion Sturza, Chairman Fribourg Capital


The Liberty Team


Ion Sturza, Chairman Fribourg Capital
Sergiu Chirca, CEO Fribourg Capital
Sorin Dan, Member of the Board of Administration Liberty Technology Park S.A.


Nina Moldovan, CEO Liberty Technology Park S.A.
Andrea Nagyi, Financial Manager Liberty Technology Park S.A.