Anniversary: Transylvania’s digital heart beats for 4 years at Liberty Technology Park Cluj

Liberty Technology Park Cluj, the project that reimagined the old factory “Liberty”, has gathered an impressive number of rewards in its 4 years of activity, has set an example in transforming an unused space into an attraction pole and has developed a modern strategy towards involving the community.

Popular names, some for the first time in Cluj-Napoca or even in Romania, have resided in this ecosystem: Siemens, IBM, Halcyon Mobile, Altran, Control Data Systems, GTS Telecom, Arvato Bertelsmann, KPMG, Wörwag Pharma, Medicover, Spherik – just to name a few of them.

“When we launched this project, it looked like a typical industrial zone, but with no activity. Most of the buildings were old, made out of concrete, with no sense of aesthetics or practicality. There were a few buildings with a charming post-war look amongst the old ones, an astonishing touch on their architecture and a spirit of their own. It was a real challenge to develop a project that integrates all of these components at once in order to create a modern ecosystem with the latest technologies.”, says Ion Sturza, president of Fribourg Capital, developer of Liberty Technology Park Cluj.

Moreover, the technological park is associated with the new phase of development of the IT industry from Cluj. “A vast majority of our residents are new entry when it comes to Cluj, they have chosen our technological park because they found everything they need here, at Liberty, at the right moment. Alternately, in some case, was going in other countries.” adds the president of Fribourg Capital.

The concept of a park-campus, with generous spaces, that encourages interaction, has been enhanced with what is called a technological ecosystem – a combination of mature companies, start-ups, accelerators, and diversity. The digital heart of Transylvania keeps beating stronger here. The diversity and the mix of residents, the interaction zones, the engagement in joint activities, participation as mentors in the Spherik accelerator, taking part in events with diverse themes – all of these represent an encouragement towards participation and interaction, which constantly generates new business and development opportunities.

Four years after launch, Liberty hosts 33 mature companies and start-ups, Romanian and foreign, to a total of more than 1.700 employees. Developed on 4,5 hectares, after an investment of over 15 million euro, it includes five buildings, with 17.000 square meters of class A offices. Around 70% of the residents are IT companies and more than half of them have software development departments and R&D departments. Green spaces, sports fields, grill and co-work zones, indoor and outdoor facilities cover more than half of the total space of the campus.


Multi-awarded reconversion project

The ambition, determination and a high performing management team made Liberty Technology Park Cluj one of the most successful and awarded reconversion projects, based on sustainable attitude towards the natural environment, neighbourhoods, and community.