The firm that will design Liberty Technology Park Cluj has been chosen

After designing well over a dozen malls in Romania, the British architecture firm Chapman Taylor, has been selected for designing the technological park “Liberty Technology Park Cluj”- a project that will be developed on the grounds of the former Libertatea furniture factory in Cluj-Napoca.

The project will be developed by Fribourg Development, a subsidiary controlled by Ion Sturza, former deputy manager at Rompetrol and will cost an investment estimated at 26 million dollars. Sturza chose the architects after launching a concept competition for the project.

“Eight firms from Romania, Germany, Portugal and Italy have submitted their projects”, states Sorin Dan for “Libertatea furniture factory will host a varnishing on the 25th of April presenting all the participating projects. Fribourg Development will sign the contract with Chapman Taylor in the days to come.” The contract is stipulated for a period of three to six months.

“By the end of this year we intend to start working on the first phase of this project, reconverting the existing buildings, B and C, that sum up almost 7 000 sq m destined for office spaces, a coffee shop and other facilities” declared Ion Sturza.