Liberty on Bike 2017: 14 teams, a lot of enthusiasm and the development of the project to support children from isolated communities

Residents of Liberty Technology Park Cluj have mobilized to the fullest for Liberty on Bike 2017 and were deeply involved in the project to help children from isolated communities. The event was organized with the support of CERT Transilvania and Night Tour. The fourth edition of the sporting event, which took place on September 22, gathered the largest number of participants so far: no less than 14 teams, meaning over 50 amateur cyclists, willing to compare their pedaling speed with other colleagues in the park, in an atmosphere of good-natured friendship and fair-play. Whether they competed or just encouraged their colleagues on the sidelines, everyone chose to spend the afternoon together and contribute to the community project where children from remote areas of the county can get to school more easily using the bicycle.

The teams were formed by the representatives of Siemens, Arvato, Woerwag Pharma, Banca Transilvania, Altran, CDS, Wirtek, Medicover, Impact Hub, Regal Beloit, Liberty Fitness. More or less accustomed to the bike race, all participants have finished the race, and the ones who were more experienced have always supported the novices.

Also, all the participants took part in an unprecedented fast-fitting contest, and the Expo area hosted friendly gadgets and objects that raised the interest of our residents, all of them were made available by sponsors and event partners: Worwag Pharma Romania, CERT Transilvania, Personal Training Studio by Emilia, Asociația de Podiatrie, BMW-Autotransilvania, Medicover Romania, Liberty Fitness Cluj, Way Better, Asociația Părinte Inflorești, Kinetomed, Bike44,, One-IT, Infinity Arts, Supp Office.

Curious to see how it was? The photo gallery on our Facebook page awaits you.

Liberty on Bike 2017 is over, but the community project launched by Liberty Technology Park Cluj and CERT Transilvania continues!