Liberty Technology Park Cluj integrates all the necessary elements for an effervescent business environment. Everything from state of the art office spaces to the complete set of facilities, alongside an event venue and a multifunctional sport terrain, Liberty Technology Park Cluj offers all the essential components so that both residents and occasional visitors will benefit from the best experience within the park.

Regardless of the type of event, conference, presentation, seminar or meeting you are planning, we’d like to invite you to take into consideration our event venue. Liberty Event Venue has been designed for organizing conferences and events. It reaffirms our park’s communication oriented goals to encourage, sustain and initiate a constructive dialogue amongst tech professionals and enthusiasts and is opened to the wide public offering all facilities needed to host thematic events.

Liberty Event Venue is up for lease and consists of two rooms: Liberty Conference Room and Liberty Meeting Room. Both are situated in building A of our tech park and can be leased Monday through Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00.

Liberty Conference Room

With a capacity of 150 places, theater shaped and a total surface of 170 sq m Liberty Conference Room includes all the facilities necessary to host and organize events, conferences or any other type of formal or informal gatherings: state of the art sound system, microphones, wireless internet, a video projector, writing tables attached to chairs, a speaking desk and the networking and coffee break area.

Liberty Meeting Room

For smaller groups, stand up meetings, interviews or briefings you can lease our Liberty Meeting Room, which offers a conference table, wireless internet, a video projector, a refreshment area and is fit for 16 participants in a total space of 34 sq m.