Liberty Technology Park in the beginning of 2015

A dynamic environment

Inaugurated in December 2013, Liberty Technology Park Cluj integrates all the necessary elements for an effervescent business environment. Everything from state of the art office spaces to the complete set of facilities, alongside an event venue and a multifunctional sport terrain, Liberty Technology Park Cluj offers all the essential components so that both residents and occasional visitors will benefit from the best experience within the park.

his initiative that transformed a former industrial platform in a true technological park had a positive impact on the local business environment. The project revitalized from an architectural point of view the former industrial area but it also succeeded in creating a thriving environment for both emerging and existing businesses. Currently, the park is host to seven large and medium companies (Siemens, Halcyon Mobile, Recall Information Services, Control Data Systems, KPMG, Makronetz and Tulemod), its’ very own business accelerator – Spherik, a design studio – Ecuson Studio, the restaurant La Casa and Liberty Fitness.

Spherik Accelerator is a platform meant to help, to grow and to create thriving businesses, a platform designed for developing and implementing business both locally and internationally. The accelerator offers the perfect habitat in which investors, mentors, specialists and young professionals passionate about technology and entrepreneurship are reunited. Their first program is currently undergoing, helping 5 teams to launch their projects. „Fotocolaj” is one of the first projects already launched that benefit from Spherik’s help and the „Primul doctor” app will be launched this March, being the first startup developed and grown with the help of Spherik’s team.

„Our efforts are paying off, the results can be observed month by month. The park is constantly evolving, not only architecturally or in terms of facilities offered, but also from our residents’ point of view that are evolving step by step with us. Since we opened we contributed, alongside our residents, to the creation of over 500 new job opportunities.” – Ion Sturza, Chairman Fribourg Capital

Delivery of the second phase

The reconversion process for the second phase of our project is getting closer to its end. In terms of facades and structure, buildings D and E will be finished in February, when 13.412 sq m suited for harnessing office spaces will be delivered. The general contractor, CON-A, declared that the reconversion process is on schedule. They estimate that the turnkey delivery of the new spaces will happen in approximatively three months depending on the clients’ specifications.

The representatives of the park have declared that the 1st phase of the project is fully occupied and they have signed pre lease contracts for 30% of the total space designated for phase 2. The first clients of the second phase will move in their new spaces at the beginning of May 2015.
The 3rd and last phase of our project implies building new office pavilions, totally customizable. The new buildings will be designed in conformity with our residents’ business growth needs and will meet their every requirement. The developments are scheduled to begin in 2016.

„We’re ready to greet our new coming residents with the same professionalism we did so far. We will offer premium facilities, state of the art infrastructure in turn key delivered office spaces customized to our clients every need.”- Nina Moldovan, CEO Liberty Technology Park Cluj.

Liberty Event Venue and Sport Facilities

Starting this February, Liberty Technology Park will also inaugurate Liberty Event Venue, destined for organizing conferences and events. Liberty Event Venue reaffirms the park’s communication oriented goals to encourage, sustain and initiate a constructive dialogue amongst tech professionals and enthusiasts.

Liberty Event Venue is situated on the first floor of building A and will be available for lease starting February 2nd. The conference room is theater shaped with a capacity of 150 places and has 170 sq m. It includes state of the art sound system, microphones, a video projector but also a networking and coffee break area. The meeting room offers all facilities mentioned above in a 40 sq m area with a table suitable for 16 participants.

Liberty Fitness will be opened to the public starting February 16th 2015 and has a cardio area but also fitness machines suited for all muscle groups. The schedule was designed to thank both residents and any other wellness amateurs. From Monday to Friday Liberty Fitness will be opened starting with 07:00 up to 22:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 14:00. Interested clients will also have the opportunity to attend different gym classes. Alongside the fitness gym, Liberty also offers a multifunctional sport terrain.

About the project

Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a tech park built in a revolutionary place designed to offer exceptional growth and quality environment for companies in the IT&C and R&D domains, all in one unique area both conceptually and architecturally. The following companies have chosen it as a destination for their offices: Siemens, Halcyon Mobile, Recall Information Services, Control Data Systems, KPMG, Ecuson Studio, Spherik Accelerator, Makronetz, La Casa, Tulemod, Liberty Fitness and Omifa. The tech park that reimagines the former Libertatea furniture factory, is a Fribourg Capital initiative under the patronage of businessman Ion Sturza. The investment has reached 10 million euros so far.