Liberty Technology Park Cluj delivers the second phase of the project

We are pleased to announce that the second phase of our project is finished and with it the reconversion of all the buildings pertaining to the former furniture factory Libertatea.

Though in terms of facades and structure, buildings D and E have been finished in April along with their 13.412 sq m suited for office spaces, both buildings are now ready to host our newest residents.

Pre lease contracts for 40% of the total space designated for phase 2 were signed and we are looking forward to the future developments of our tech park. Building D of the second phase offers 2800 sq m per level, a high potential for hosting a company on each level providing an efficient layout and 4. The first residents of this building will move in at the beginning of July.

The 3rd and last phase of our project implies building new office pavilions, totally customizable. The new buildings will be designed in conformity with our residents’ business growth needs and will meet their every requirement. The developments are scheduled to begin in 2016 on demand.

We are currently hosts to 13 large and medium companies: Siemens, Halcyon Mobile, Recall Information Services, Control Data Systems, KPMG, Makronetz, Luminos Software and Tulemod, a business accelerator – Spherik, Omifa, a design studio – Ecuson Studio, the restaurant La Casa and Liberty Fitness.

New comers: Luminos and Makronetz

We’re excited to greet our newest residents, occupying building E starting this Friday, on the 22th of May. World, say hello to Luminos Software and Makronetz.
Luminos Software is a new-to-the-market boutique software development company whose focus is to build well-engineered, elegant applications that fuse modern technologies (Ruby, Node.js, Angular, Ember, Meteor and NativeScript) with best-in-class UI/UX design.

Various positions, both technical and non-technical will be waiting to be filled, and these will be open to all levels of experience from trainee through senior levels. Keep an open eye for their positions. The company is headed up by a British CEO, resident and operating directly from the Cluj office, here with us, who has a strong track-record in the technology sector and a modern, forward-thinking approach to company culture.

Makronetz, have been with us since the very beginning, occupying an office in the administrative building but will now move in building E, since their young and talented team has expanded. Makronetz offers highly customized software solutions for business driven customers from all over the world. They build highly scalable, optimized and user-friendly solutions.

Demo Day by Spherik

Spherik Accelerator is hosting Demo Day this Saturday, an event that gathers 3 guest speakers tackling the insights of entrepreneurship and pitches from the 13 start-ups they fostered these past months. These well prepared teams are ready to showcase their ideas to the public which includes angel investors and tech enthusiasts. Demo Day is a big day for both the start-up newbies and the Spherik Accelerator team as they will present the results of their hard work to the world.

Spherik Accelerator, a platform meant to help, to grow and to create thriving businesses, a platform designed for developing and implementing business both locally and internationally is getting closer to the finish line with their current ongoing program. The accelerator offers the perfect habitat in which investors, mentors, specialists and young professionals passionate about technology and entrepreneurship are reunited.

Their first program is currently undergoing, helping 13 teams to launch their projects. „Fotocolaj” is one of the first projects already launched that benefit from Spherik’s help and the „Primul doctor” app was launched this March being the first startup developed and grown with the help of Spherik’s team. The other apps developed in Spherik’s Program are Tiny Shroomz”, „ChallengeXP”, „Apunto”, „AppRod”, „Phone Alias”, „Smart Store”, „Fingerdrum Master”, „Buy&Help”, „City365”, and „Dictamed”. Check out Spherik’s website to find out more about the great apps developed in Spherik’s first batch of young and enthusiastic business developers.

Networking at Liberty

We had a very special day yesterday celebrating the delivery of our second phase and the inauguration of our grill at our first barbeque party. Residents, colleagues, collaborators and friends joined us for what has been a most delightful May evening spent on the green and leafy grounds of our technological park.