Liberty Technology Park inaugurated the first public electric charger designed for hybrid and electric cars in Cluj-Napoca

Liberty Technology Park Cluj, the biggest private technological park in Romania, has inaugurated the first electric charging unit in Cluj-Napoca. The project, a partnership with Siemens Romania, implied setting up the new charghing unit, Sentron 5TT3201-1KK25, in Liberty’s parking lot. The charging unit is available for both residents and the general public.

„Here, at Liberty Technology Park Cluj, we are most interested in innovative technologies and electric cars are an important step towards a cleaner, brighter future. Reducing and gradually giving up fossil fuel must become a priority for our contemporary society. Alternative solutions for fueling transportation will significantly reduce pollution.”Ion Sturza, Chairman of the Board, Liberty Technology Park Cluj.

The charging unit was delivered by Siemens, a premiere on the local market and can charge an electric car in about 2 hours.

„Electro mobility is so much more than a simple trend of our modern society – it’s one of the most important sustainable technologies at the moment. With this Siemens delivers for the first time in Romania a charging unit, right in Cluj-Napoca, a city which we’ve been a part of since 1923”, has declared George Costache, CEO Siemens Romania.

The average electric car can travel for about 100 and 480 km after one charge, but the technology is advancing rapidly. The autonomy of an electric car will reach 2000 km, with one single charge. Representatives from Automobile Bavaria Group were present at the event and they offered a demonstration with a BMW i3.

“Starting with last year, with the 20th anniversary of our activity and presence in Romania, Automobile Bavaria has initiated a promotional program for hybrid and electric cars, where the first model of BMW i8 was presented. The authorization of the first BMW I service from Romania, in Bucharest is an important step and a clear signal we wanted to give towards lobbying for these new automotive technologies. We’re really glad that starting with today, Cluj-Napoca can benefit from this charging unit and we hope that soon other cities will follow this trend. In order to develop an electric car market we need an entire network of charging units, not just on a local level but at a nationwide level as well. The availability of these fast charging units would have a positive impact on the auto market and I am sure that soon we’ll be able to admire even more BMW i3s on the streets of Cluj.” Marius Zahan, Director Executiv Autotransilvania.

There are approximatively 130 electric cars at the present in Romania but their number might double considering that the Ministry of Environment is offering starting with April 2015 a 20 000 lei subvention (about 4 500 euros) for acquiring an electric vehicle. Moreover, the minister is planning a financing session for setting up charging sockets from about 50 in the present to 10 000.

Over 11 250 sq m of available offices in the second phase of Liberty Technology Park

Liberty Technology Park Cluj is a technological park built on the former industrial platform of the Libertatea furniture factory by Fribourg Development, the real estate division of Fribourg Capital, an investment fond controlled by businessman Ion Sturza. Inaugurated in December 2013, the project consists of 8 distinct buildings which will be delivered in 3 phases. The investment so far was over 12 million euros.

The second phase of the project was delivered in april 2015, buildings D & E having a total rentable surface of 11 250 sq m. Delivering the second phase also marked the total reconversion of the former furniture factory.

Over 40% of the total rentable area of these 2 buildings was pre-leased. The buildings offer 2 800 sq m per floor, suited for hosting one company on each floor, in an efficient layout. Amongst the newest companies that have joined liberty Technology Park Cluj are Makronetz and Luminos Software, which will be soon joined by Cremer, Regal Beloit and Impact Hub.