Situated in Cluj-Napoca, the most important city of Transylvania, Liberty Technology Park Cluj benefits from its strategic positioning. Cluj-Napoca offers a thriving habitat and a market opened to all types of businesses.Here are some facts:

Cluj-Napoca & metrics:

  • 449 Km from Bucharest
  • 155 Km from Oradea
  • 163 Km from Sibiu
  • 442 Km from Budapest

3 Facts about Cluj-Napoca:

  • It’s becoming the Silicon Valley of Romania due to several IT&C and R&D multinationals relocating and opening branches here.
  • Over 100.000 students enter the universities here each year and it’s the 2nd most important university center in Romania, in 2012 after European standards.

Liberty Technology Park Cluj in minutes:

  • International Airport – 15 minutes
  • Railway Station – 2 minutes
  • Bus Station – 5 minutes
  • City Center – 10 minutes

Reasons to believe in Cluj-Napoca:

  • It’s the heart of Transylvania, a city known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and kind people.
  • It occupies a unique location situated at a fair distance from Bucharest and Budapest.
  • The city is nationally and internationally connected by road, rail and air.
  • It’s one of the top 3 largest cities in the country.
  • It has a highly skilled workforce in several domains, particularly IT&C, R&D and medical.
  • The city ranks second after Bucharest in academic research and development.
  • Cluj-Napoca offers an attractive real estate market.