If you’re looking to rent offices in Cluj we are just the place you’re looking for! At Liberty Technology Park Cluj we offer the best office spaces class A in Transylvania, rentable offices designed for creating the ideal workplace. Starting with the office spaces and continuing with the time spent outside the office, the habitat meets the needs of every company. This is why we thought of your employee’s well being both during and after work hours. Our offer includes two service packs: Liberty Green and Liberty Blue.

Liberty Green

Liberty Green is the basic pack of high quality services at an accessible price:

The best office spaces class A in Transylvania

  • The newest solution of raised access floors made from recycled materials of the highest quality, with excellent acoustic properties
  • Centralized heating system with perimetral controlled thermostats
  • Double windows with opening system
  • Integrated HVAC system for cooling/heating with distributed control
  • Efficient space management
  • Extended cabling solutions

Common spaces

  • 8/5 reception
  • 24h site security
  • Events and conferences area
  • Fitness gym
  • Entrance access system with electronic cards
  • Advanced system of administration and monitoring of the building
  • Fully equipped restrooms on each floor
  • Fully equipped restroom for people with disabilities on each ground floor

Liberty Blue

Liberty Blue is the upgrade flexible service pack with incorporated customizable solutions for your office spaces class A:

  • COS voucher, the leading supplier of integrated solutions for office interiors
  • Possibility of customizing inside finishings
  • Complete solutions for interior design
  • Suspended ceilings with integrated lighting system
  • Moquette tiles
  • Interior window blinds to reduce the impact of solar radiations