Shperik is the most complex business accelerator launched in Romania whose mission is to connect startups with strategic resources and support the growth of the local ecosystem.

Since 2013, Spherik promoted entrepreneurial education and mindset (pre-acceleration phase) helped great teams achieve significant business growth (acceleration phase) and contributed to the development of the innovation ecosystem (post-acceleration phase).


Spherik is about:

  • Product (define, build and market-test the product)
  • Growth Network (connect with international partners)
  • Marketing (direct assistance in go-to market strategy shaping, launching and optimizing the marketing machine)
  • Events & Opportunities (access to startups conferences, meetups and one to one meetings with investors)
  • Funding (initial investment opportunities of up to €1 Million for the startups selected in this acceleration program)
  • Mentoring (over 30 high caliber mentors and industry leaders with various areas of expertise)
  • Support Services (legal, financial and accounting advice, development tools, recruitment and team development consultancy)
  • International Markets (connections to potential clients, partners and access to international markets)
  • University Partners (support and access to research and development).


A program developed with the support of the founding members: Liberty Technology Park, Banca Transilvania, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and Babes-Bolyai University.