The Romanian Association of Model Aeronautics (ARA) organizes, in partnership with Liberty Technology Park Cluj, the „Liberty Multirotor Racing 2017” competition. Approximately 16 pilots are awaited to compete on the 26th and 27th of August, at the tech park.

“The Romanian Association of Model Aeronautics organizes this type of open competitions in order to support the lovers of this noble sport. Through this, we aim to promote the model aeronautics in Romania”, declares Babos Andras Sandor, the president of the Romanian Planemodeling Association.

The competition will take place at Liberty Technology Park Cluj and it is free to the public. The event schedule is the following: Saturday, the 26th of August, between 12:00 – 19:00 and on Sunday, the 27th of August, between 10:00 and 17:00. “We are proud to host the first multi rotor competition in Cluj-Napoca, especially since we discovered that the majority of the residents from our tech park are passionate about new technologies and new sports”, declared Nina Moldovan, CEO Liberty Technology Park Cluj.

Multirotor races, more popular in the Western Europe, are still a novelty in our country. The first competitions took place last year – in București, Brașov and Turda Salt Mine, and in 2017 the only competitions were organized in București and Brașov. According to the association, there are around 60 pilots in Romania.

Liberty Multirotor Racing 2017 is an event organized by the Romanian Association of Model Aeronautics, together with Liberty Technology Park Cluj. Official partners: Romservice Telecomunicații, Lasting, Evergreen Printing, Sierra, HPI Racing, Acoustic Density, Edge Software Solution, Marmot, Greengo Productions.

A short video trailer for the competition can be watched here and the Facebook event can be accessed here.